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“Reflections” is the latest solo exhibition of oil paintings on canvas by Chona.  12 years after his last exhibition in Setúbal, Chona returns with this show at Crespaço Gallery. The selection of works reflects on the artist's innermost thoughts, emotions, and experiences, and offers insight into his personal journey.  Through the use of intense colours, dynamic brushstrokes, and expressive imagery, the artist's works capture his feelings and ideas.From abstract compositions to vivid portraiture, the works demonstrate a unique and deeply personal approach to painting.  “Reflections” intends to give viewers a deeper understanding of the artist's inner world, and to provide a platform for viewers to explore their own self-reflection. The exhibition offers a chance to reflect on our individual experiences and thoughts, and to engage in meaningful dialogue about our own personal journeys. “Reflections’ is an inspiring and thought-provoking exhibition, and a powerful visual statement about
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